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10 Video Games You’ll Want to Buy in October

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October is here, and the holiday season is upon us. This month, we can enjoy the macabre festivities of Halloween, as well as a frightfully massive video game release schedule.

Last month was no game release slouch. Dragon Quest XI, for example, offered a sprawling RPG world filled with classic battles and charming artwork by series veteran Akira Toriyama. Comic book fans had Marvel's Spider-Man, which boasted a robust New York City to web-swing around in, and a dynamic action combat system that improved upon the reactive gameplay seen in the Batman Arkham games. Adventure fans had Lara Croft's final chapter in her origin story to enjoy. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara comes to a head with the crazed cult Trinity, and must take down the organization while also circumventing a Mayan apocalypse she unwittingly unleashes.

October brings 10 new games of note to the table, so we hope you've made some headway in your backlog. Side-scrolling platformer fans can look forward to Mega Man 11 to enjoy, Soulcalibur VI offers all the sword-swinging action you could hope for, and Rockstar's blockbuster Red Dead Redemption II gives you a sprawling Wild West adventure you didn't even know you wanted.

There is plenty more to see and enjoy in October, from a racing simulation and quirky party game to survival horror to keep the ghoulish spirit alive. Check out our picks below.

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