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Best Mac web browser 2017 | What’s the best internet browser software for Mac?

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Which is the best Mac web browser?

Which is the best web browser for Mac?

The vicious browser wars that defined the early part of the 21st century might be over, but there's still a vibrant web browser scene. Established names elbow for room amongst young upstarts, and some old names are showing that they're not done quite yet.

In fact, we found eight browser projects that are under active development for the Mac, and review each of them here. (Some of the old names such as Camino, Flock, Maxthon and Torch are sadly no longer being actively developed. They might still work on macOS Sierra but in our modern age running a browser that isn't regularly supplied with security updates is foolish.)

For speed comparison purposes we tested performance using the JetStream and Octane JavaScript benchmarks. Then we looked at the features on offer. Read on for our judgement of the eight best Mac web browsers, from most most to least recommended, although all eight are worth trying: they're free, after all.

After all this we have some thoughts and comments on the formerly ubiquitous Internet Explorer for Mac, which is not worth trying, but which some websites demand that you use in order to view them; we've got some tips on getting around that issue, too. And we finish up with explanation and detailed speed scores from our benchmark tests.

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